Five beauty rituals for the festive season

From school holidays to Christmas and New Year's, and every other celebration in between, our teachers have shared five beauty rituals to keep you looking and feeling your best this festive season.

5 Dec 2016

Ritual 1: Eyebrows

By the time Christmas rolls around many of us are struggling to look and feel vibrant after a long year, and of course we want to look our best come the New Year. One of the best ways to brighten tired eyes is to pay more attention to your eyebrows. Define them by getting your eyebrows professionally waxed and shaped, and then use a good eyebrow powder and/or pencil to maintain the shape.

Ritual 2: Primer

To keep your makeup lasting all day this festive season, make sure you introduce a primer into your beauty regime. Not only does a primer ensure your makeup lasts all day, but is also creates a smooth canvas ready for flawless makeup application.

Ritual 3: Skin care

Remember when cleansing your skin each night that the first cleanse removes your makeup, but the second cleanse really purifies and works on the deeper layers of the skin. Make sure you always do a double cleanse to ensure a thorough removal of skin impurities and keep your skin looking fresh.

Ritual 4: Golden glow

To give your skin that golden glow if you aren’t already using a weekly detoxifying exfoliant and mask, add this into your routine. You will be amazed by the difference this makes!

Ritual 5: Detox

Clean out your bathroom and beauty cabinets and throw away any of your beauty products that have nasties in them (like sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens and alcohols). Don’t forget to add some natural alternatives onto your Christmas wish list!

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