Music is my addiction

It's not always a straight road to your dreams. While pursuing a career in the music industry Max Bruce-Robinson realised he still needed a way to pay the bills. A hospitality qualification from TAFE Queensland allowed him to secure a reliable job while he worked towards his dream of becoming a professional musician.

8 Dec 2016

I was four-years-old and dad came home after a hard day’s work on the farm in Bega. For weeks I’d been practicing and, like all little kids, I wanted to impress him so badly. I sat him down on the bed, composed myself… and belted out the entire Titanic theme song, Céline Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. I loved that movie, and I loved music.

I’ll never forget it. He sat silently, totally engrossed in my performance. He was staring at me as if he were looking at me for the first time.

His eyes welled; tears began to run down his face. I’d never seen him show that sort of emotion before—if ever. Since that moment he’s been my biggest supporter, encouraging me to make music a big part of my life.

And now, music is my addiction; I’m totally dependent on it. My EM325C Maton steel string acoustic electric guitar lives under my bed and I carry it with me everywhere. I’ve been through my fair share of hard times—haven’t we all—but it gives me the confidence to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going.

In 2013, I took the plunge and auditioned for X Factor. I made it through to the Top 100, but it really hit home to me that I needed a plan B to pay the bills while I pursued my music passion.

I was struggling to find a job for ages. I tried my hand in a few trades, but they really weren’t for me. I found retail work pretty unpredictable and decent full-time jobs were few and far between. That’s why chose a Certificate III in Hospitality at TAFE Queensland. It’s a good fit and my teacher helped me to find a job while I was still studying.

My teacher gave me the same confidence and self-esteem that my guitar gives me. I feel great and can’t wait to start my next adventure—it might just be a world tour!


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