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Introducing Craig Taylor: experienced, professional, adaptable, TAFE Queensland teacher, and 2016 Queensland Training Awards Darling Downs South West regional finalist for VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year.

11 Jul 2016

Warehousing and logistics teacher/trainer Craig TaylorCraig Taylor has been employed as a teacher at TAFE Queensland in the transport and logistics team for more than 10 years. He delivers warehousing and logistics qualifications from a Certificate II to Certificate IV level, as well as vital skill sets including High Risk Work Forklift Training. Prior to joining TAFE Queensland as a teacher Craig developed extensive experience in the transport and logistics industry through 22 years of service with the Department of Defence – Army, first as a warehousing operator and later as a senior logistics manager.

As a warehousing and logistics trainer, Craig needs to be adaptable due to last minute schedule changes affecting availability of staff. He is able to think laterally and make necessary adjustments without creating a fuss. Craig’s personal teaching style is a major part of his success as a trainer. Craig is highly professional and respectful to everyone he meets, and he models these behaviours for his students. His training is well organised and once he has worked with a business they will often request him by name for any future training.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that teaching takes up the majority of Craig’s time. But, it is only one part of how he makes great happen every day.

Industry excellence and innovation

Craig maintains his industry currency by delivering the vast majority of his training onsite in industry with organisations such as Big W and Rio Tinto. This ensures that Craig’s students have their training and assessment customised to their workplace and its organisational policies and procedures. This also benefits industry because the training Craig offers is relevant to their work environment, and consequently adds value by improving safety, efficiency and productivity. Contributing to the improvement of the national training system is also part of what Craig does through his attendance at Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) forums, and feedback he provides to the TLISC continuous improvement register regarding training package improvements.

In 2014 Craig became the teacher for the first pilot groups of the Department of Education and Training GenR8 programs in Gatton in south-west Queensland. GenR8 was designed by the Department of Education and Training in consultation with the Queensland Trucking Association for Year 12 students to gain their Certificate II in Logistics through a combination of classroom based training and practical work based training. The pilot was so successful that in 2015, a Toowoomba GenR8 program was added.

Industry and community links

Warehousing and logistics teacher/trainer Craig Taylor in action
Craig (right) in action

As an active member of the TAFE Queensland transport and logistics team, and Co-Chair of both Warehousing and Driving Operations Professional Learning Community, Craig has a direct influence on products and their delivery. Craig is also an active participant in the transport and logistics think tank process which brings together industry representatives to provide TAFE Queensland with feedback on their training and delivery.

Craig’s links with industry and his strong focus on building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders has ensured that we have received repeat business over many years from employers both large and small.

Craig has a way of making everyone he comes into contact with feel positive, supported and encouraged whether that be a school student, a trainee, a supervisor, manager, CEO or his Faculty Director.


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