Creativity isn’t a dirty word

Long gone are the days when creativity was a virtue only required by those working in the arts.

25 Oct 2017

Data collated by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) from 4.2 million online job ads found the demand for creative employees has spiked significantly across a number of industries.

According to projections about the future of the job market, this is a trend which is expected to continue to grow.

The survey from the FYA report The New Basics: big data reveals the skills young people need for the new work order shows a 158 per cent rise in positions needing critical thinking skills, and a 65 per cent rise in the desire for staff with creativity.

In fact, enterprise skills traditionally thought of as ‘soft’ skills such as problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy, have been noted to be the most powerful predictor of long term success.

The same report found that jobs with transferable ‘soft’ skills were 70 per cent more likely to survive automation.

If you have these skills you’re likely to earn between $3,000 and $8,600 more per year than someone without them.

Find out how TAFE Queensland’s hands-on learning approach and courses can help you develop these ‘soft’ skills and enhance your career prospects.

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