Crafting a career in costume design

Laura Macloy’s cosplay costumes will leave you breathless. A love of video games led her to create her own costumes to wear to conventions like Supanova. She now plans on turning her hobby into a career with the help of a fashion qualification from TAFE Queensland.

17 May 2017

Since the age of 11, online video games have been my main downtime activity. Not only are they great entertainment, but because I’ve often lived in remote and rural areas far away from family and friends, video games have been a great way to stay connected or to meet new people with similar interests as mine.

Video game characters these days are so well designed and fleshed out, complete with pretend background stories and fake friendships, you can’t help but sometimes think they’re actually real people. They all have unique personalities; the way they move, the actions they perform, and the things they say. It’s great to see that so many video games these days have introduced female characters that actually have leading personalities and are more than just eye-candy—they’re role models.

For as long as I’ve been interested in video games, I’ve also been interested in fan art and cosplay costumes. As a kid I always used to dress up in costume, it was all about having fun and wearing something unusual. As I grew up my skills developed and soon I was creating some pretty lifelike costumes. It’s a real challenge to take something unreal—like video game characters—and make it real.

My first convention was AVcon in Adelaide in 2014 and I loved it. It was such a fantastic experience; spending the weekend sharing conversations about cosplay and games with lots of other passionate people. Needless to say I went back the following year. Since then, I’ve been to Epic Diem (a Sunshine Coast convention), Brisbane Supanova, and I’m planning to head down to the Gold Coast Supanova later this year.

Costumes have now become more about setting myself a creative challenge, and the wearing of the costume is more about sharing my art and my passion with other people. I’ve always loved learning new skills, and there are so many aspects to costume making that there is always something new to learn, or a new way to use an old skill. It has become such an obsession that I am always planning at least one upcoming costume, often working on two or three simultaneously.

I started studying fashion at TAFE Queensland because I wanted to learn the skills necessary to make costumes that would last more than one wear. I would love to get into making costumes for other people; in theatre, film, or by making commission pieces for other gaming fans.

Ironically, I now spend so much of my free time working on costumes that I rarely get much time to play the games the characters come from. My dream is to support myself in a career making costumes, it doesn’t really bother me too much how.

To see more of Laura’s cosplay costumes, visit Sour Bunny Costumes on Facebook.


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